Our Goal:

Donate $10,000+ to a local NONPROFIT in 1 hour.

How do we do it? Members donate $100 a piece ($50 each in teams of two, $25 each in teams of four) to a local nonprofit chosen by a ballot vote. 100+ members donating $100 each provides $10,000+ to a local nonprofit.

So, what are the details?

  1. Members sign up to contribute $100 to the local nonprofit selected at our quarterly meetings so each member is contributing $400 annually to support local nonprofits. Members have the option of partnering with a friend(s) and signing up as a team so each team member's contribution is $50 per meeting ($200 annually) for 2-member teams and $25 per meeting ($100 annually) for 4-member teams.

  2. Members pay by check at the meetings.  If you are not able to attend the meeting, you may either send your check in with another member or mail it in within 3 days of the meeting. Teams should plan to submit one $100 check per team. Each member of the team will receive a tax receipt for their portion of the contribution.

  3. For those unable to attend any given meeting during the year you may vote in one of two ways:

    1. Proxy - You may vote by proxy by giving your check to another member to bring to the meeting and then they will receive an extra ballot to cast a vote for you in your absence. After the vote they will fill in who your check should be paid to.

    2. Online - A meeting reminder is emailed to all members approximately 2 weeks prior to each meeting and will request you let us know if you will not be able to attend the meeting. When we receive your email that you will not be able to attend we will send you a link so that you can vote online and also a link to view the live stream of the meeting. If it’s available to you we encourage you to watch the live stream presentations and then vote afterwards. All online voting must be submitted within 5 minutes of the end of the last nonprofit presentation to ensure your vote is included in the tally. You may vote anytime time prior but no later than 5 minutes after the end of the last nonprofit presentation. Checks should be written out to 100+ Women Who Care and be sent to: Door County Community Foundation, or you may pay with a credit card online: Online Payment. You may make your payment anytime before the meeting and we need your payment received within 5 business days of the meeting.

  4. All donations will be given to nonprofits or causes who as a part of their mission include serving Northern Door County. No national nonprofits will be considered, however, local branches of national nonprofits are eligible for consideration. The purpose is for 100% of the contribution to stay in Northern Door County.  In addition, political and directly religious organizations are not eligible.  An example of an exception to this would be a church run food pantry benefiting the whole community.

  5. At the meeting, the members, whose nonprofits were drawn, must be in attendance themselves or have arranged for another member to be available to present their nonprofit to the group. These members will represent each nonprofit with an informal 5 minute presentation about their nonprofit’s mission and why it is deserving of the members’ vote (no PowerPoint or handouts please).  A 5-minute Q&A session will follow in which a representative from the organization may join our member to help with questions if needed.

  6. After the presentations and Q&A, an anonymous ballot is held and the nonprofit with the most votes will be the recipient of the Main award with the Runner Ups receiving a portion of the award per our Award Policy.

  7. The nonprofit receiving the Main award is then invited back to a future meeting to share with members the impact their donations have made.


  1. The nonprofit receiving the Main award is eligible again to be drawn from the hat after three (3) years. The Runner Up nonprofits are eligible to be drawn from the hat after one (1) year.

  2. Two-way ties will be decided by one more round of votes. If a tie persists, the two names that are tied will go back in the hat and the recipient will be drawn at random.

  3. We have partnered with the Door County Community Foundation (DCCF) for our donation receipts and distributions. They have agreed to not give out member information to any third parties or add them to their mailing list for future solicitation. DCCF will send charitable tax receipts to members submitting payments.

  4. Note: Donations made directly to the selected nonprofit do not count towards the member’s commitment – only contributions submitted for our quarterly meetings count.

  5. Please feel free to attend any meeting as a guest. If, while you’re at the meeting, you would like to donate to the selected nonprofit you are welcome to do so. However, you must be a member to vote. Individuals must have completed the Membership & Commitment forms prior to voting or nominating a nonprofit.

Please visit our FAQ page to find answers to all your questions!