How To Nominate A Nonprofit

If you are a current member and would like to nominate a nonprofit for consideration by 100+ Women Who Care Northern Door County, please check our List of Approved Nonprofits to see if the nonprofit has already been nominated.  If not, please fill out the Nomination Form. Nominations must be 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and the money they receive from us must be used to serve Northern Door County.  To help assist you in choosing a nonprofit HERE is a list of nonprofits from Door County Living's  2019 Philanthropy Issue for your reference.  The nonprofits on this list may not all meet our requirements but we hope you find it helpful.

Please nominate a nonprofit as soon as you think of them.  We need time to follow up with the nonprofit before we can approve them and put them “in the hat” and so have established the following cutoff dates:

  • Nominations submitted before 3/1 will be reviewed and, if approved, will go into the drawing at our July meeting.

  • Nominations submitted before 9/1 will be reviewed and, if approved, will go into the drawing at our January meeting.

You may have one active nonprofit nomination at any given time.  Three (3) nonprofits are drawn at random at each quarterly meeting to be presented at the next meeting. The nominating members will present the three (3) nonprofits selected to the group. The members vote and the nonprofit with the majority vote is the recipient of Main award allocation with the other 2 nonprofits receiving the Runner Ups award allocation.